Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The end of the Heisei Era.

Monster Movie Mondays presents: Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris.

This is the final Gamera film of the Heisei era. A good era if a bit on the dramatic side. The fights in the other 2 were good and the effects were wicked – only I felt some of the fun factor was left out. But they are still great films.

This third one is no different but it has a really interesting and unique creature – Iris, and it has one hell of a great final battle and it deals with issues never addressed before. Like one girl hates Gamera because he crushed her family’s house. I mean Gamera has to walk around too, and sometimes not everyone has evacuated, so they get killed or hurt. It was an interesting angle for the story.

Also note the use of CGI in this installment to help the monsters fly. No more wires here – they are flying around like Ultraman or something!

This was also the bloodiest one of the bunch and at one point a Gyaos has his eyeball hanging out! And Gamera is forced to cut off his own arm! And tons of humans get killed in the crossfire between Gamera and Gyaos (I forgot to mention that Gyaos is also in this, besides Iris.)

One flaw – this movie ends with a cliffhanger where 1000 Gyaos are flying towards the city and Gamera (now with one arm) is going to defend Earth one last time. But then no other movie was made after that!

The next film is Gamera the Brave – and to my knowledge it DOES NOT continue. Well maybe it does, Ill see next Monday for the FINAL MONSTER MOVIE MONDAY GAMERA FLICK!



Monday, May 30, 2011

Be Brave.

The Brave One.

Very satisfying revenge drama with Jodie Foster as a sort of a Lady Death Wish. This is done in a very realistic way and I have to say it has one of the better endings to similar films of this genre (Death Sentence, Death Wish 1-5, Vigilante, Exterminator 1-2, Law Abiding Citizen, etc).

Jodie and her fiancĂ© are brutally beaten by a pack of thugs, she survives, he doesn’t. What follows is Jodie becoming a vigilante and taking care o business! (TCB-ing as I put it). And I love her style!

I am very pleased with the fact that they had a woman be the killer in this one, cause they don’t do that too much in the movies – sure there’s Baise Moi and stuff, but that’s not a very serious take on the subject and this is.

I was totally on her side the entire movie and I bloody hated the thugs that beat her up. I HATE BEATINGS – especially by a group of thugs. I am getting angry now!

Terrence Howard is the cop assigned to the case and Jodie and him end up being friends, so when he eventually finds out that she’s a vigilante, some interesting stuff happens.

All in all this was a great movie – very serious and well done. I like Jodie Foster (always have) and she played well in this – and as I said I was VERY VERY happy with the ending. Finally a movie with some guts.



Burgundy for president.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Finally a comedy with no sex, gross-out humor or drugs and its still pretty funny. Will Ferrell is always funny or at least likable funny in movies. This, like Semi-pro is one such performance.

Anchorman wasn’t really so funny but I liked his character, so that’s enough for me! I mean the parts that were funny were hilarious! And I love that his weakness is that he will read anything that is on the teleprompter! Hahahah.

Fun movie and I totally get the cult following for it – just check 80s tees and you’ll see tons of shirts for it!




The Taking of Pelham 123.

Solid remake pits Denzel Washington (does this guy ever put in a bad performance?) against John Travolta (now a veteran in these rolls).

I am usually not for remakes, and this one doesn’t really add much to the concept – nothing new here. Taking hostages, wanting money, hero needs to be redeemed etc. But you know what, I enjoyed it anyway.

Washington is the man. I mean the guy rocks in every stinking movie he’s in and he is just really likable here too.

So go check it out.



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not as strange a tide as the last one...

So, I was trying to write this review for a while, but the blogger page kept giving me the dreaded '404' error...I guess I'm outdated.  Nothing new there.  Okay, so everyone loves the first one, likes the second one and finds the 3rd one absurd.  I...like the first one...thought the second one was alright...and thought the 3rd one was too long and sort of incomprehensible.  So, not the biggest Pirates fan, though I always give them a chance. 

This one is one of the best in the series if not the best in the series.  I know a lot of people are saying "it's more of the same like 3", but don't believe it.  There's no women growing to enormous size and then turning into crabs, there's no flipping the boat to survive, there's none of that.  Thankfully, there is also no Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley.  Watching this film, I came to realize how much both characters SUCKED in the first 3 films.  They did, Bloom was a whiny little wimp and Knightley pouted and did stupid things.  This one is all about Jack Sparrow (well, almost all...more on that later) and that's how it should be.  Depp is clearly the best actor in this series and his character is obviously the most interesting.  In this one I actually liked him...I didn't like in the first three.  He's supposed to be a hero, but he's a scoundrel?  Why would they go to World's End to save his weaselly ass? The focus should be on him, not some gawd-awful love affair that is poorly written.  This movie, the focus is on him, which is a plus.

Not to say the other people in this movie weren't good, as well.  Geoffrey Rush is solid as usual as Barbossa, he's the best thing in the entire series next to Depp.  Penelope Cruz is a lot sexier and a lot more credible as a female lead than Knightley was.  Ian McShane is great as Blackbeard, I mean, he's just really good, he stands out in every scene and unlike some characters in this series, he's actually a menace, it isn't all for show.  Oh and for those who like creatures, there's zombies and the mermaids kind of are like vampires, so there you go.

The action...well I could see it.  There is quite a bit too, especially near the start.  There is a lull in the middle but luckily, the characters are (for the most part) interesting enough to keep the story moving, though the movie is still far too long.  I don't know why they think these movies have to be 2+ hours, there isn't enough story to really justify the length.  It could have been trimmed by 20 minutes, no problem.  One thing they could have done is trimmed the romantic subplot between the religious guy and the mermaid.  It was pointless and once again, just poorly written.  The Pirates writers cannot write romance, period.  They should just stick their strength which is writing swashbuckling action and (somewhat lame) jokes. 

Anyhow, there's my review of Pirates.  I enjoyed it probably the most I'll enjoy any of the movies in the series. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

- Stephenstein

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fight for your faith.

Black Death.

Sean Bean is one of my faves. Loved him in Lord of the Rings and Silent Hill. Never saw the remake of Hitcher, but I would consider it because he rocks.

Cant wait to see Game of Thrones too, but until then I see that, I have Black Death. I basically only got this cause he is in it and I like some of the art that was done – see above.

The movie looked good in the trailers and I was hoping to see it in theatres, but it didn’t come out anywhere here.

The movie looked like a Solomon Kane style – dark fantasy. The other dark fantasy that came out this year – Season of the Witch, was really cool and I guess Priest kind of falls in that category too. I like these types of films.

Black Death isn’t really like those though. It only has one action scene and the final battle is a psychological one instead of a physical one. But this film was really really good.

It takes place in the 1300’s when the black death killed almost half the English population. During this time a young monk/priest named Osmund, is considering leaving the priesthood because he has fallen in love with his childhood friend Averill. She is leaving to go back to her home village and she says that she will give Osmund one week to decide if he wants to leave the monastery. You see he has never left and he isn’t allowed to leave unless its for a higher purpose.

He prays for a sign and Sean Bean (Ulric) shows up. Ulric is on a mission from the church to find this village that has NOT been hit by the plague. Apparently these villagers are evil witches, and demons led by a Necromancer and Ulric must find and destroy him. He requires a guide and Osmund volunteers, giving him the chance to leave the monastery but still remain in God’s service.

Half the movie is finding the village, and half is at the village. When they get there, things really pick up and get weird.

I will not reveal what happens, but keep this in mind, there is no action except one very quick fight scene – this is a serious movie with something to say. The end involves a realistic mental battle.

This is the first movie in a long time that has characters that truly believe in God and the church without making them stupid, or trying to justify anything. They are who they are and the movie gives you a lot to think about.

See it.



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ooooohhhh Yeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

Randy Savage was a great wrestler in the 80s and one of the best of all time. In terms of ability and character, he was a force of nature in the WWF (now WWE). When Hogan and him formed the Mega-Powers it was just the best ever!

I actually remember that moment and the famous hand shake that took forever! Boy did they build up the momentum for that moment!

After that, the Mega-Powers exploded due to Elizabeth, and Savage was back to being a bad guy. He was one of the few wrestlers that really worked either way.

His character didn’t change much when he was bad or good (think Stone Cold) he was the Madness!!! He is best known for his Ricky the Dragon Steamboat match that is considered to be the best matched ever performed for a live audience and I although I personally don’t think it’s the best, it’s definitely in the top matches.

For those of you not in the know, Savage was Bone-saw in Spiderman – the wrestler that Spidey fought in the first Sam Raimi film.

It’s unfortunate that the only DVD compilation available (which I own) is a 3 disc set with Maria and some other douche talking about his career. All the other DVDS of this kind usually have the actual wrestler commenting on his career – but they couldn’t get Macho, so they used these 2 idiots – oh well. At least that set is better than nothing and now we will never get one with him, so I’ll have to live with it.

Macho Man was a great entertainer and will be missed by the fans of wrestling!


Monday, May 23, 2011

I always deliver - unlike some - Monday again!

Gamera vs Legion!

The Heisei series continues with Gamera VS Legion. This is a direct sequel and is just as scientific as the last – that’s a good point, but it makes for less action. But when the action comes, it’s really good! This was better overall, than the first Heisei period Gamera, but I also watched this on Blu-ray (I have the other one on blu-ray too, but my tv was acting up, so I couldn’t watch it).

This movie was pretty fun and the monster was new this time. It was an alien insect that came to Earth to cause trouble. There are little ones and a big huge one – they are many, they are Legion.

Legion (the big one) is pretty damn cool man! He shoots lightening and has a lot of spider-like legs and can really take it to Gamera! The girl who can communicate with Gamera is back from part one and at the end of the film everyone realizes that Gamera is a good guy.

It took 2 movies, but we are there!

I say check it out!



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Say 10 hail Marys and see Priest.


Priest is the best movie that could have been made given the budget, talent and story involved. You cannot compare this to other movies of it’s kind because they had more budget so the scope would have been bigger, this movie is perfect for what it is and it’s a genre picture.

It’s not the best movie of all time, but it was one hell of a good ride! When someone asks what was the coolest movie of the year, I think it’s gonna be Priest (although Immortals may end up beating it).

Just like Season of the Witch, everyone shat on this movie, FOR NO REASON! It’s not supposed to be Harry Potter or something, it’s a fun movie with cool characters and setting, and I for one really enjoyed this. A lot!

I would put it in the category of Nemesis, Solomon Kane and Space Hunter. It’s better than Van Damme’s Cyborg (I love that movie anyway though) but it’s not quite Nemesis, but you get my drift. I mean obviously Road Warrior and Escape from New York are the best in this genre, and this isn’t nearly as good, but when compared to the lower budgeted stuff, this is one of the best!

I judge based on the criteria of what the movie accomplished for what it had to work with, and in that case, this is a winner!

I’m sure you all know the basic premise, Priests fight vampires and now one Priest goes against the church to search for a kidnapped girl. The vampires in this movie are monsters, not teenie-bopper guys with no shirts on. They are sick monsters that only kill. The familiars – usually human, are a cross bread – think Nosferatu, and there is a queen vampire – which we don’t see too much of and the main villain called Black Hat, is a – I wont give it away!

I also like the names in this movie, Priest, Priestess, Black Hat etc. I like when characters don’t have names, like in They Live.

Paul Bettany, Maggie Q, Karl Urban, and all the cast, are really wicked and I actually liked every character.

Go see and support this one – plus there are like 3-4 cheap pop scenes that make you jump! – DON’T SEE IT IN 3D THOUGH – it was a post conversion.



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You didn’t think it would be but –

Monster Movie Monday’s are back!

I took a week off for some personal business, and besides I gave you a double dose of monster stuff last time, so its all good.

Today we start the Heisei series of Gamera. Beginning with Gamera: Guardian of the Universe.

This flick did well and even Roger Ebert reviewed it! My thoughts on it are the same as the Heisei Godzillas. They all look pretty good but they are a bit hit or miss. See the classics (Showa) are fun and a bit cheesy, the Heisei’s are better for the effects, and are serious movies, but sometimes they become too serious and lose a bit of the fun aspect.

This movie is still wicked and I love ALL the Heisei Godzillas (well I love ALL Godzilla movies period – except the American one – that sucked the bag).

This is a reboot as all new era Kaiju films are, and Gamera is said to be from Atlantis and is the protector of Earth against Gyaos. They went with Gyaos in this one because he was more interesting that Barugon and most people feel that he is the main Gamera villain, and he flies so they can air battle. Also Barugon sometimes gets confused with Baragon – a Godzilla character, whatever, Gyaos it is!

This movie has a really wicked end battle sequence, and Gamera’s flying ability is done really well with the effects.

Gyaos, starts out small and there are a bunch of him, but Gamera kicks ass and then Gyaos becomes one big one after eating the other small ones – I think – it was very clear.

Once that finally happens we get some great stuff! Also Gamera’s fire breath is now a fireball! Which he can shoot multiple times!

All in all this was a good movie, but I kind of prefer the classic ones. In any case I have 2 more Heisei’s to go before I make the final call.



Monday, May 16, 2011

Where the place? On the heath.

The Blackheath Poisonings

BBC’s Masterpiece Theatre produced this 3 part miniseries about some aristocratic family that holds many secrets. There is murder, adultery, fetishism, and mystery, so basically its like a 90210 episode, only way less dirty. Hahahah.

So basically this is a Agatha Christie type of movie and it was pretty good. I guessed the killer but only in the last act, so it wasn’t too obvious. There isn’t any nudity or gore despite it being about the sins of the family, so its cool to watch even if you don’t like that sort of thing.

All in all it was a good production and a fun series.



Friday, May 13, 2011

Not Tower -

Empire Records.

I have finally found a movie where Renee Zellwegger looks not ugly! And Liv Tyler looked good! And Robin Tunny (who is bald in this movie – for real) looks good too! Now Robin is nice anyway, so its not a big shocker, but she looked pretty good bald! Ok the story is one of those, Dazed and Confused, High Fidelity, Clerks style movies where they just hang out at the record store talking about life and relationships.

It’s not really up to par with the others of this genre, but it was ok. Maxwell Caulfield plays a cheesy singer – who steals the show in this movie, as he does Sundown and Oblivion 2, and the rest of the cast is passable.

Nice 90 mins of fun.



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

With a "Y" not an "I".

The Pursuit of Happyness.

Will Smith and his son star in this true story of a man who lost a lot, almost everything, but was willing to rise to the challenge.

Smith does really well in this role and he makes this movie great! As it is the story is typical (I know it’s true, but still) he loses his wife, and home and isn’t making much money, so he goes for a long shot at applying for an internship at a stock brokerage. He wont be paid during the next 6 months and he has to dig deep to find the strength to go on.

He spends a night in the bathroom with his boy, he struggles with getting new clients and in the end it all works out.

As I said, nothing new, but Smith made it seem new and I was with him all the way. I also liked that he never gave up and never let his son go even though it would have been easier without him.

Good movie.



Monday, May 9, 2011

You are tearing me apart Lisa!

The Room.

Oh hi guys.

Tommy Wiseau wrote and directed this epic masterpiece of love and betrayal. Just think one day your life is great, then the next day BOOM! Your best friend is sleeping with your wife. And who wouldn’t want to, considering how amazingly beautiful she is and how sexy her body is too!

The acting in this is top notch and I am shocked no one was nominated for best actor. This is one hell of a great character study.

The plot is very detailed too, Lisa is cheating on Johnny, her future husband, with his best friend Mark. See how complex that is!

In any case Lisa’s mom is an emotional wreck, learning that she has breast cancer can really make you feel unwell. I hope she just concentrates on getting well.

And I just want to make this very clear – Johnny never hit Lisa – that is bullshit-oh hi Mark.

The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.


Delivers on all levels.

The Postman.

Kevin Costner got hammered by critics for this Mad Max style movie that was based on a Sci-fi book of the same name.

Well those haters are all a bunch of fools! This was one great epic movie and loved everything about it.

Acting, message, theme, music and style.

This had the feel of an old Hollywood epic like Lawrence of Arabia (its not better than that though) but with a modern twist to it.

The world has gone through wars, and disease – not as bad as the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max, but something similar. The USA has fallen and no one has anything left to believe in.

Costner’s character is a drifter that happens upon a postman’s uniform and letter bag. He uses this disguise to gain entry to a village and tells everyone that the government has started and has opened the lines of communication by rebuilding the postal service.

This causes great hope to townspeople and one man in particular, a youth looking for his place in the world, named Ford decides to join the service. Costner is forced to hold up to the lie and Ford takes it all very seriously and begins his own branch of the postal service.

I wont give away any more that than, but this is a must own for me. I am not sure why it was slammed by critics, as I thought it was excellent.

Great movie with great themes. It is long though, but not boring!



Behave yourselves – the big Robocop 2 line!

Nanny McPhee.

The kids are bad, Nanny comes in like Mary Poppins and makes it all better. This is a pretty generic movie with magic and annoying kids, but for some stupid reason I loved it!

I don’t know what it is, but it was just a really fun movie! I think in my old age I am getting soft! I liked the kids and really liked Nanny McPhee. I love that she gets better looking as you grow to like her (something that is true in life too) and when you need her and don’t want her, she stays and when you want her, but don’t need her she leaves.

Great children’s movie for kids and kids at heart!



Saturday, May 7, 2011

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of …


Thor stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, and it also has Frost Giants, Sif, Heimdall, and the Warriors Three. So there is a lot of characters in this film!

Thor is banished to Midgard (Earth) because he disobeyed Odin (his father) and must learn humility. After he learns it, he can go back – I hope that’s not a spoiler, as it’s pretty obvious! In any case, the opening of this film, directed by Kenneth Branagh, shows Thor, Loki, Sif and the Warriors Three attacking the Frost Giants (Asgard’s mortal enemies), and this part is easily the best in the movie. That entire 15 mins in the beginning is so awesome. If the entire movie was in Asgard, this would be 5 stars without question.

Of course Thor has to be banished, so we get almost an hour of him on Earth with no powers. He can still fight, cause he’s a big guy but he doesn’t have Mjolnir (his hammer), but what can you do. The cool thing is that no one can pick up the hammer, including Thor, unless they are worthy. So S.H.I.E.L.D. ends up building it’s base AROUND the hammer, but before that, we get a fun little Excalibur type montage of random people trying to lift it! At one point a trucker tries to yank it out with his truck (cameo by Stan the man Lee).

So Thor is banished and meets 3 people, Jane Foster (from the comics – but she is a scientist here) and 2 others. The annoying facebook girl, who only had 3 annoying lines, so actually wasn’t too bad, and the older man of the group, who knows about Norse Mythology and thinks Thor is a wack-job.

These parts are intertwined with Loki doing his thing on Asgard. So this hour is tolerable, since we get a lot of Asgard stuff with Loki.

So there is this hour where Thor is banished, and before you get all pissed off, let me assure you that in the comics Thor was also banished to Earth and while there he was trapped in the human form of Donald Blake, so at least in this movie he is still Thor (Hemsworth) and they have toned down his Shakespearian speak – a wise choice as they sort of over-used it in the comics, but he still says cool old English words, which I liked. And I have to say that Hemsworth was just great in this role. I mean I really believed he was the Marvel Universe Thor. Also, Loki was very accurate to the comics, and frankly was the best thing in this movie.

Loki was done so well in fact that I would have to say he is one of the top comic book character adaptations! His scheming and ultimate plan is so wicked, that you wont see it coming. You think you know what he is planning but you don’t! I am so happy that he is the villain in Avengers.

The action was great too! You could see it all, and the fights were pretty darn cool – although slightly short for me, but still awesome. The Destroyer Armor is SICK!!!!!!!!!! And Asgard itself is a wonder of fantasy and technology. I also love the portrayal of Bifrost – the Rainbow Bridget that connects the worlds. It’s a clear energy bridge that is guarded by Heimdall (who is in the top 3 best things about this movie!), and when you get transported you see a rainbow energy effect. A great way to visualize this, as I never got how Bifrost would actually physically work.

So bottom line, this movie is wicked. I have collected Thor comics for a long time, and I have also read a lot of Norse Mythology (I always wear Thor’s Mjolnir symbol around my neck) and Kenneth Branagh has really brought this to life with great results.

You see Kenneth is a FILM MAKER and story teller. He researches the character and comes up with wicked stuff, like using the Warriors Three – they were great! And he totally nailed Thor and Loki, plus he made the mortal stuff cool too! BTW – I loved the Donald Blake reference – WHICH NO ONE in the theatre got, but whatever, people just don’t know older comics.

When you do a comic book movie, you better get a good film maker, Donner, Branagh, or get a fan, Raimi, don’t get Bryan Singer who made one good movie that was a drama and had a trick ending (without which would have produced an average movie). Lets get some talent working on these films.

Oh, I feel I should mention my only problem with this movie – it’s a major one to me, Thor only wears his helmet for ONE MINUTE in the beginning. Loki wears his horns a lot and every time he fights he has them. I would expect Thor to wear his battle helmet! I mean Hemsworth actually looked cool in the helmet, which makes it baffling as to why he didn’t just always wear it when fighting. And you could see his face and stuff, not like Iron Man and Spiderman (who sometimes thing they look better without their masks) Whatever, it’s a major thing for me, since it’s part of who Thor is!

There is also a cameo and stuff in the end credits, so don’t check out early on this one. And the cameo which is so stupid I wont even mention it, if you know nothing about comics you wont get it anyway, so forget about it.

In any case, this is a must must see and own, and oh yeah don’t you DARE SEE THIS IN 3D.

It was the worst 3D I ever saw in my life, and I am ashamed I paid for it. In fact, this movie has now made me realize that the ONLY tolerable 3D is IMAX 3D.

Otherwise I will not see anything else in 3D.

4.5/5 (I reserve the right to make this 5/5 after I get over the helmet thing)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The end of Showa!

Gamera: Super Monster.

I actually watched 2 Gamera's on Monday, so it was a double Monster Movie Monday!

The Showa era comes to an end with this movie. Basically this movie is just highlights of all the other films in the series. Gamera fights everyone, but its all reused footage from all the other movies. So depending on what you think of that, its either 5 stars or zero. I mean if you own all the other movies, then this is pointless, unless you want to show people highlights of all the movies, in which case, this would be the best of the bunch.

The story surrounding the old footage is new, and is about 3 super women aliens (complete with tights and capes – soon to be cubes). They are hiding on Earth and the evil aliens want to kill them. First they want to destroy Earth though by sending all the monsters that Gamera fought before to kill everyone.

So the last 40 mins is all old footage of the fights with a bookend final shot of the super woman aliens surviving and Gamera sacrificing himself to destroy the evil aliens.

An end of an era.

Next up, the Heisei Gamera series reboots the continuity and ups the effects budget!!



Monday, May 2, 2011

Gamera Monday!

Gamera VS Zigra.

Monster Movie Monday’s Gamera continues with the second last Gamera film in the Showa Era.

This one is the worst of the series as nothing happens for 45 mins. Aliens attack again and let loose Zigra – a giant metal fish. He looks awesome! As a kid I loved him enough to even draw pictures of him (I still have the pics I drew of him from my first day at high school). But when he shows up, the fight is like 2 mins then he is gone again until the last 10 mins of the film when Zigra finally comes back to fight.

The budget must have been cut large, cause the battles in most Gamera movies, although are much shorter than in Godzilla, are still pretty good, but this fight was lame. Anyway, I still love it and it’s 5 stars – so take that.

I told you that all Giant Monster movies are 5/5 except Cloverfield.



3 weeks of Friday's

Friday Trilogy.

Friday, Next Friday and Friday After Next.

I consumed this series over this past weekend starting with and on Friday. The first film features Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker) as 2 guys sitting on their front porch after Craig gets fired (on his day off no less).

Think Jay and Silent Bob, only not as crude, and Craig speaks. This movie was just hilarious all the way. The supporting characters are a riot and Chris Tucker is basically in his best roll as a stoner with nothing to do but rag on people.

Tiny Zeus Lister makes an appearance as Deebo – local bully and Craig’s Father has to be one of the funniest characters of all time. This movie was brilliant. A must own.

Next Friday continues but has no Chris Tucker. This was a BIG mistake. Craig on his own isn’t enough. Sure the father is back and provides laughs, and Craig’s uncle is a riot too, but there just isn’t enough going on. Plus in the first one, they were just hanging out and stuff happened, here they are more mobile so they are seeking out adventure, which is ok, but not as funny.

It was an ok movie, but disappointing after a brilliant part one.


Friday After Next – same as Next. They are too mobile and not as funny. No Chris Tucker, but the Father and Uncle are back.

Some laughs, not enough to compare to part 1.



Be a Fink.

Barton Fink.

Classic Cohen Brothers film with one of my fave actors – John Turturro.

He plays a writer who has just written a very successful play and now Hollywood is calling him. So he shows up at the Hollywood studio and is told he is to write a Wrestling movie. He knows nothing about wrestling and is forced to come up with something in a weeks time.

From that point on the movie is a bit slow (typical Cohen Bros) but it was very well done. At the half way point there is a twist that turns the movie into a David Lynch style flick where everything becomes surreal/dreamlike. But in any case, this is a MUST see if you are a writer!



Hitchcock, not Jolie.

Mr and Mrs Smith.

The Hitchcock comedy about a husband and wife that learn their marriage is invalid after 3 years.

Early that day Mr Smith told his wife that if he had to do over again, he probably wouldn’t marry. It’s nothing against her, but he wanted more freedom. Of course that same day he learns his marriage is invalid, but he decides to marry her again anyway, as he loved her. So he is going to surprise her with the question after he has some fun with her. What he finds is that she doesn’t want to marry him!

The rest of the movie is a funny episode of Three’s Company. She finds a man and he gets jealous, he tries to go out with a girl, but it’s ruined etc. It all works out in the end and it was a fun movie!

Not your typical Hitchcock, but still good!