Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elwy Yost R.I.P.

I haven't written on this blog for a while. Lazy I guess. But I decided to end my silence when I read of the passing of one Elwy Yost. You may not know who that is (shockingly, few people I know have ever heard of him), but he had a profound effect on my love of movies while I was growing up.

Elwy Yost was the host of several TV shows on TVO highlighting movies from the past. Chief among these were Magic Shadows where he would show movie serials (my first introduction to Captain Marvel, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and even Lone Ranger when the show played episodes of the TV series), and Saturday Night at the Movies where Elwy played classics from yesteryear which went from movies from the 30's and 40's and 50's to the 80's when the show ran so long that Jaws and Close Encounters were now fodder for the series. In fact, Elwy hosted for 25 years (take that Oprah), before retring in '99. I was introduced to MGM musicals, Danny Kay, the Thin Man movies, the Ray Harryhausen films, and even Harold Lloyd (my favourite silent star). The highlight of Saturday Night at the Movies were the candid interviews that Elwy had with stars, directors, composers and screen writers which ran in between the movies (each episode was a double-bill). No press junkets here, with some garish poster behind some star because they're promoting that movie. Elwy would go to the stars' houses and interview them in their living rooms. I remember Robert Mitchum all relaxed and reclined on his couch talking to Elwy, and Vincent Price talking in his living room about Jaws scaring the crap out of him (he was afraid to go in his bath tub!). Elwy Yost had an infectious love of films which rubbed off on the viewer. He was so excited to see these guys, he would gush like a fan boy and ask questions in rushed tones as if he were afraid that the interview would be over before he could ask a question. What I liked too about these interviews is that they often involved one camera with it pointed at the star at all times, so you got their reactions in between questions and they were often uncut and raw. His interviews are now a part of the archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and I've actually seen clips of his interviews in various Life Time Achievement inductions on the Oscar telecasts, using Elwy's vast catalogue of candid conversations with the people who built the Hollywood industry.

Elwy Yost died Thursday at the age of 85. He will be missed.

Now, there are alot of clips of Elwy Yost, Magic Shadows and Saturday Night at the Movies on youtube, but my favourite is probably Elwy's tour of Universal, so I'll leave you with that.


Another New Nightamre

A Nightmare on Elm Street.

This remake, like all, was and is pointless. I don’t understand the need for these movies when Freddy vs Jason was successful. As it is, Robert Englund has been Freddy since the beginning and he isn’t a literary character, or a comic character, like Batman. Batman can be played by different actors because he has was conceived as a comicbook character, but Freddy has always and forever been Robert Englund.

Anyone who says, well he was getting old is wrong. In FVJ he was great and in fact he was the best he’s ever been since part 3!

In any case, I will give this movie a far review based on what it is. And for that, I actually enjoyed it.

I love Jackie Earle Haley, he played Rorschach – the best part of Watchmen, so needless to say if there was an actor who could take Robert’s place (after Robert passed away that is, or became a senior citizen) then Jackie would be the one. And he plays well here as Freddy – a different Freddy, more like Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Freddy, a bit darker, but not as a scary I think.

In any case this movie has a lot of dream sequences. I swear every 5 minutes someone falls asleep and Freddy appears, so that’s a bonus. As for the story, they change it up a bit and some characters get shuffled around, but it’s basically the same thing. Only this time, Freddy didn’t kill kids – he was just molesting them? This was very unclear and a bit disappointing when we look at the old movie where he was really sinister. Don’t get me wrong, he is still evil here, but not killing the kids does take away a bit from the whole parents getting revenge. It cheapens the revenge.

It’s like showing how Michael Myers grew up in the Rob Zombie Halloween. His family was a bunch of assholes, well of course they raised a killer. You ended up knowing too much about Myers and that wasn’t the point of the original movie – where he was just a normal kid that snapped one day.

In any case, I still kind of liked this movie. I mean this is a strictly for fans of the films, because the plot is surprisingly lacking – even for a slasher flick, and Freddy only uses his claws here – no inventive deaths, but still, I liked the movie in the end for what it was and I liked Jackie as Freddy, but I can never accept any substitutes.

This is like the Friday the 13th remake. If you are like me and own all the Friday’s and Nightmares and then you buy these remakes, I am ok.

But if you are someone who ONLY prefers these remakes then you suck.
Yeah I said.



Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Highest Rank.

Captain America.

You know sometimes you get a superhero movie that is good, like Thor, or Green Lantern. Sometimes you get one that is great, like The Dark Knight, Hulk and Spiderman 2, and still sometimes you get something incredible, like Watchmen, Superman 1 and 2 or even Tim Burton’s Batman, and I am proud to put Captain America in that category.

He was always my favourite Marvel character, until Sub-Mariner came along that is, but my love for him never left (strange that my 2 fave Marvel characters were the only ones from the 40s – well not strange if you know me, I don’t much like new characters).

I collected Cap’s issues as a kid and still have those comics today. I also collected his current stuff before Steve Rogers death that is, and I actually collect his Essentials (black and white reprints) and I even own every Cap comic on DVD that I purchased from Amazon. So needless to say I love Cap.

There have been 5 live-action Cap movies. The first was a Serial/Chapter Play which I never saw but would buy. The second and third were made for TV movies and they were cheesy, but as a kid I loved them, even though Cap’s suit was awful in part one, the second one had a better suit – I recently got those on burned DVDs in bad quality, but whatever.

Then in the 90s they did a Cap film that started off really really good. Red Skull was FINALLY in it and he looked wicked. Well that movie got boring and only picked up in the end, and even though everyone hates it, I still liked it. But this new movie is something that I think will bring the geeks and regular joes together.

This is a Dark Knight moment and in fact, I like it much more than Dark Knight.

This time around Cap is in the 40’s during WW2 and fighting the Nazis. Steve Rogers wants to join the army but is way to small and skinny. That doesn’t stop him from trying again and again, but he is always turned down. He just wants to do his part. While attending a local fair he meets up with a doctor who overhears his conversation with Bucky Barnes (Cap’s sidekick in the comics) about how Steve wants to serve his country and all that.

The doctor asks him “Do you want to kill Nazis?” and he replies “I don’t want to kill anyone.” And then he goes on about doing his duty etc. Right there at that line I knew this was going to be one of the best superhero movies of all time.

In my early post “Counting down to Cap” I mentioned that Chris Evans was cool and I really liked his interview about the character. Well he was just phenomenal in this role and I was totally with him the entire time. What a great performance and I promise you that ALL will get behind him. I almost cried a couple of times during moments of courage that he showed. You hardly get actually good people in superhero movies now. Take Iron Man, yes Tony Stark is funny and all that, but I want to see a good person who wants to do what is right become a hero. Cool anti-heroes and rebels are fun, but Cap has to be the good natured man who only does what is right because it’s the right thing to do!

This isn’t a joke people, this is a real movie with heart and respect for the genre and the character they are portraying.

There are several great scenes that pay homage to the comics (you actually see Cap comics being sold!) and you even get to see the serial being filmed! So they are saying that Cap was real! And his comics and movies were real too! How brilliant is that!!!!!

Plus for a good part of the film he wears the EXACT comic costume! Only later when he becomes a solider does he change it.

Also the Red Skull is in it A LOT! He looks normal for the first half though, but once he reveals his face, he is Red Skull for the rest. The action scenes are great and the effects are amazing (note that Chris Evans has been turned into a 90 pound weakling, when in fact he is much taller and ripped!).

Everything in this movie fit with me, I don’t think it’s just because I am a Cap fan. Take note that my number one fave is Superman, and I LOATHED Superman Returns, so I am not going to say a movie is great if I don’t think it is, not matter what (unless it’s JCVD or Godzilla – hahaha)

People please go support this movie and see it in theatres, don’t wait for DVD or for rental. This movie has to beat that piece of rotted shit Transformers. This movie has heart and soul and it really gets you excited about comics and fantasy and just good movie making. Oh and as a duh, please stay till the end credits for an Avengers Trailer!

Actually my only negative point is that I want another Cap solo movie – as I don’t hold out much hope for Avengers – but we shall see. At least we’ll get a group hero movie for once.

Long live Captain America.

5/5 – I would give higher if I could.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

JCVD 1999

From now on I will be doing solo reviews for JCVD films. Starting with his last American Theatrical release.

Universal Soldier: The Return.

JCVD returns with wrestler Goldberg and Michael Jai White in the sequel to Unisols. This time around Jai White is the villain and I have to say that he is awesome! I mean not so much in this film, but in general. He was Black Dynamite and Spawn, but his best movie was Undisputed 2. He is a real fighter man, and I wish he got more roles.

For those who don’t know him, he was in Dark Knight – the black guy thug that Joker kills.

Anyway this one was a let down after Unisols, I mean JCVD is “off” the program? What does that mean – you can just stop being a unisol? They are DEAD soldiers. I don’t get how is able to survive without the injections and what not.

It was just poorly conceived. This ended JCVD’s American Theatre career and spawned a bunch of lame straight to video sequels.

In the end, JCVD is still cool and its neat to see him fight as usual, but this one was just underwhelming.

3/5 – hey JCVD cant get lower than 3!


The Astral.


I have been waiting for this movie and didn’t know it. I hate possession movies and ghost movies – well not hate, but I don’t believe in ghosts at all, so its hard to get behind it. See I don’t believe in vampires or zombies either, but they are visually appealing to me. I like demons and monsters, but ghosts don’t do it for me. I LOVE Ghostbusters of course, but the ghosts there are characters, not just strange hands that pop out, or books that move on their own, or doors that open and close etc.

It took James Wan (director of Death Sentence and the first Saw – and best?) to prove that ghosts can be done right.

This movie is pretty darn good and if I did believe in ghosts it would be pretty scary, I don’t, so it wasn’t scary, but it was damn cool!

Act one begins as all haunted house movies begin – books are moved, boxes are moved, doors open on their own etc. This was produced by the Paranormal Activity guys (and actually this movie ends up being what I wanted PA to be) and you can tell from this first act. Cool point – after some odd occurrences, the couple actually moves out of the house, instead of staying around like idiots!

Act two begins in the new house where they learn that their boy Dalton, is possessed, not the house. See he’s been in a “coma” for 3 months and his astral form has left his body and evil spirits are trying to get in. And they thought if they left their haunted house it would be ok, but the spirits are following him around (this is the plot to Near Death a film that us Fantomzone guys actually wrote and produced – they stole our idea! – well we may have seen it before too).

The big difference is that act two really ups the horror level. Now its actual ghosts running around causing havoc, which leads to act three which consists of the boys father (played by the Nite-owl guy from Watchmen) leaving his body to do battle with the spirits. The problem is, is that there is also a demon trying to gain control of the boy and an old lady (looking very creepy) trying to posses Nite-owl’s body too! This all leads to a battle in the netherworld – think of New Nightmare – where they go and fight Freddy on his own turf. The demon in control of this world is a great visual entity. I can see a possible franchise with him – excellent make-up. See, this is what I want. Have ghosts do weird shit, have books move, have cheap pops (like people walking by the screen – LOVE those – thanks to John Carpenter for that one), but then give me more. I want other dimensions, I want demons that run around in hoofed feet etc. Not just cheap kids saying boo.

All in all I highly recommend this to horror fans and if you believe in ghosts, you will be freaked out.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Meaning of Modern Day Life.

The above image is from the film CAPRICORN ONE. I love the movie of course and it’s a classic science fiction picture.

I wont get into the review here (as I have reviewed it on Fantomzone) – but just a quick breakdown. It’s about 3 astronauts that are about to travel to Mars, but complications with the ship prevent them from going. The actual public doesn’t know yet, and the Mars Program is completely out of money and wont be able to get additional funding because the public is losing interest in it. So they decide to fake a Mars landing and not to tell anyone about it.

Government conspiracies are always interesting film topics, and this one clearly addresses the moon landing – was it fake? Who knows. But in the film the astronauts are forced to comply and thus is the movie. The astronauts end up filming the fake landing on a set – seen above – and later regret their decision and try to escape and let the world know the truth – the government peruses etc.

Now to the meaning of life. Look at the picture above and study it. 3 astronauts with no helmets on, so they are clearly not in space. A man in a suit, and a studio set, complete with a camera in the corner. Remember too that the astronauts are good, hard working people who paid their dues and have a good education and the suit guy is the guy with the money and the man in charge.

So the meaning of modern living is:

Some guy in a black suit telling you what to do in a bullshit environment where you are always being watched and if you don’t do what he tells you, you die.

Something to think about.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

The End?

Those of you who know me know that I wasn't in favour of them chopping up the last Harry Potter movie into 2.  People defended the decision, saying the book was too massive to make one movie and it was fitting that Harry's "last" (as I heard J.K. Rowling is saying she's going to write more) would play out in two films.  Nope, it was for the money and this movie confirmed it.

I remember stating that Deathly Hallows Part 1 dragged too much.  Well, this portion felt rushed.  I know that's a lot to say, as there are still slower parts in this film, but it just felt really, really rushed.  We didn't see much of the big battle at Hogwarts.  The end battle between Harry and Voldemort felt really short, as well.  They were just trying to tie up as many of the loose ends remaining as possible and I guess they kind of succeeded...but I now, more than ever, question why they had to break this movie into two. 

As a whole, the Harry Potter series has been pretty good.  I would rate the entire series somewhere between a 4 and a 4.5 rating.  I can't give a 5 after the Deathly Hallows movie(s) and let me tell you, I was lost at some points...because I didn't go back and watch DH Part 1.  I will give kudos for the series though, in the sense that you go the same actors back every movie (unless they unfortunately passed away between flicks, such as Richard Harris), they were all British, the movies were pretty faithful to the source material and they had all sorts of neat, magical moments.  I think they became a little too serious and a little too grave at the end for their own good and lost some of the wonder and fun in the series, but overall, it was solid and monumental if you contemplate that this is the only 7 (or 8, sorry) movies in a series that have had everyone come back and reprise their roles.

That being said, I think the Harry Potter phenomenon is slightly overblown and I've read and enjoyed all the books.  I think J.K. Rowling is a pretty good writer, but one of the best of all time?  That's pretty heady stuff and until she proves she can write something other than Harry Potter (Stephen King had the Dark Towers...but he also had The Stand, It and Misery to name a few), I would reserve that title.  I think she's very good for what she does and I think that she hit on something pretty good when the time was ripe for something like that to be written.  I don't know if she's as good as everyone says she is though and the movies are a good representation of this opinion.  Good?  Undeniably?  One of the best stories ever told?  Errr...with all the good stories that have been told...let's not get crazy.

So, here's the closing chapter (for now) on Harry Potter.  Kudos to the studio for giving the fans (mostly) what they wanted, which was a faithful adaptation of the books and kudos to all the actors for sticking it out and becoming part of film history.  We probably won't see a series of films like this again for a long, long time.

Rating of Deathly Hallows, Part 2: 3.5 out of 5

Rating of Harry Potter series: between 4 and 4.5

- Stephenstein

Psychotic bosses

Thought the trailer for this looked good, so I watched it.  I'll talk about this film in relation to the bosses and their employees.  Makes it easier.

Jason Batemen is pretty cool and pretty much the most normal of the employees.  He has some great bits with Kevin Spacey, with the drinking part that comes up in the movie and also some other bits.  He's the straight, rational one in the film.  Kevin Spacey, who I really like in general, starts out really good, but becomes too psychotic (i.e. killing people) which wasn't so good.  For this movie to work, it had to strike a chord with the working classes.  When Spacey berates Bateman at the start for being late and then steals his promotion, that's something that I think we've all run across, bosses nailing us for crap reasons or ruining our advancement.  However, when he's killing people and what loses it's ability for us to relate.  It went too far.  If me and J-Man wrote this script, no problem, we would draw from real events and it would be good.  The writers for this obviously have never worked in an office in their life and that's where this movie suffers.

Charlie Day who is the assistant to Jennifer Aniston, is the most annoying.  He's this hyper guy who yells a lot and just became...annoying to me.  If your wondering why he wouldn't accept Jennifer Aniston's advances, it's because he's engaged to be married (though his fiancee doesn't seem to mind how much time he's spending with his two friends).  Jennifer Aniston has never been hotter and this might be her best character ever, for me.  She tried to be a femme fatale in Derailed and failed, but this one, she is just this super-aggressive woman who goes over the top right from the get-go.  However, I don't see what attraction she would have for Charlie Day, other than the whole power thing.

Jason Sudikis is the smarmy, smart-assed guy and he really doesn't work well in his role.  They've written him like this guy who is everyone's friend in the office and what not, but I find it hard to believe a smart-ass like him would care about anyone in the office.  He also sleeps around (with Aniston and Spacey's wife) and it was...his schtick got tired, really quick.  I think he's one of those SNL guys, which makes sense, because those guys aren't funny, period.  Colin Farrell is hilarious in the small time he has, because he barely shows up.

The best though are Ioan Gruffald (Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four films) and Jamie Foxx.  Gruffald only has one scene, but it's pretty damned funny!  Foxx is the best, how he got his name and how he ended up in jail were the best jokes in the entire film.  If they made this film about his character, it probably would have been better!

So, there you have it.  It's funny enough for you to check out, but not good enough in the end for me to add to my collection.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

- Stephenstein

Dead on Arrival

So this is a film based on an Italian comic which I have never read, so I don't know how close it is to the source material.  From what I've read, it's not close, which is probably a good thing, considering I didn't care for the film at all.  Here's why.

First, there's Brandon Routh.  I gave him another chance after Superman Returns, hoping that he would prove that the colossal failure of that film was all Bryan Singer's doing.  Unfortunately, it's not.  Routh is very stiff as Dylan Dog.  He just doesn't seem to have fun in the role, he takes the whole thing gravely, almost wearily and it's not good.  When the lead in your movie, the guy you're supposed to be spending all the time with and rooting for, is wooden and appears that he couldn't care less about what he's doing in the film, that's bad.  His sidekick, who coincidently played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns, was pretty bad too.  He was just annoying, really just complaining and harping all the time about being turned into a was just...I wanted him to shut up at one point.  Just shut up and stop your whining.

Then there's the plot.  They're after this artifact, and are competing with a pack of vampires for it.  They investigate where it is and at some point, you're like "how can they follow what's going on?"  It seems to change hands like a hot potato.  When they finally find it, I don't know how it got there or how they knew to look for it there.  It's just...bad.  There's a monster at the end, too.  The monster is supposed to be controlled by its master, but the monster refuses the master's control in one second.  Umm, so if it's supposed to be like a genie (which it is), then how can the monster just say "no, I'm not listening to you?"  You ever hear of a genie doing that?  The way it was defeated too, was just lame.  Just lame as all hell.

The monster's are the other big thing and I didn't even like the design of them!  The werewolves resembled the troll in Ernest Scared Stupid.  The Zombies all looked the same, just cataracts and boils on their skin, here's zombies.  The vampires were the standard Underworld/Twilight look.  Only the monster at the end and this big jacked-up zombie in the middle of the film had any really good designs.

It did have it's moments.  There's a Zombie support group for people who can't get over being zombies.  There's a body part store where zombies go to replace rotting parts.  The vampires were selling their blood as drugs to humans who became addicted to it.  Neat stuff here and there.  Nothing to save the film, however.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

- Stephenstein

Was someone actually taken home?

This movie came out and I don't think anyone even realized it.  I caught this the other day.  I was intrigued from the trailer as it appeared to be set in the late 80's/early 90's, a generation I grew up in.

Overall, it wasn't bad.  It's about Topher Grace, who was a brain in school (he's like Rain Man with numbers) but a loser with the ladies.  He's working for a video store now and in walks in Tori, his high-school crush. After pretending to work for a high-powered bank, she invites him to a big party that he's never gone to before.  With his sister (Anna Faris) and his buffoon friend, who just got fired from his job at an auto dealership, he tries to hook up with her at the party.

Now, this movie had it's strong points and its weak points.  Topher Grace has this easy likeability about him.  He doesn't do anything too stupid either, he's just good at playing the every-guy who has to get by with his brain and sense of humor over looks.  There was a really good exchanged between him and the girl who played his crush about whether or not she would have dated him in high school.  The answer out of her mouth was no...I don't think I've seen a movie do that before.  It's always stereotypically "yes, you should have asked me".  In this case, it's no!  And he's relieved!  His reasoning "if you said no, then I would have hated you and wouldn't be sitting her right now."  I like that!  Also, the scene where he tricks the guy by elaborating on his fake job, is great!

His friend is kind of annoying (though it was jokes when he tried to do a dance-off with another guy).  Anna Faris really has nothing to do, we have a subplot between her and this guy, they're together, but he's kind of a douche and even though he's honest with her, she still leaves him.  Typical stuff.  There's also cocaine and other stuff...I don't care about that sort of thing, so whenever they delve into it, it's pointless to me.  The soundtrack was reminiscent of the time period, so that was nice.  There was also a weird Angie Everhart scene...but she still looks pretty damn amazing!

So, a slightly above average comedy.  If you really like Topher Grace, then you should see this, otherwise, it's a renter at best, but not bad.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

- Stephenstein

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Fist of Legend.

I normally try to come with some stupid title to my reviews that are funny or witty in some way but I just didn’t want to make fun of this in any way. This is a masterpiece of kung fu entertainment. I am actually ashamed I never saw this earlier. Jet Li is the best ever and this can be used for his demo reel. If you don’t understand why people die over Jet Li go buy this.

This is a remake of Fist of Fury (Bruce Lee), obviously Jet Li isn’t better than Bruce Lee, but he’s pretty darn close!

The story is the same, a Japanese Samurai kills Jet Li’s master and Li comes back for revenge. Jet Li finds the guy and defeats him easily – which means Li’s master should have won. This leads Jet to discover that his master was poisoned before the match and we learn that Samurai aren’t really to blame.

The setting of this film is during the tension between Japan and China (which may still be going on???), but the movie doesn’t favor either side. We see good Japanese people and bad. Good Chinese and bad. So you get a good sense of realism here.

But the fights are the big attraction and they are perfect. There is a lot of them and each one is so wicked you will not know what to do with yourself while watching them. These should be used to promote martial arts lessons – right after watching I felt like getting back into it! Jet Li shows why he is one of the top guys in this.

Bruce was the best of all time, but he died before his time – and we are left with Jet Li, Tony Jaa, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen (who also did Fist of Fury television show and Legend of the Fist – soon to be reviewed) and these guys are all the top guys! (see Jeeja for top girls!), anyway, there is nothing more to say on this movie except that it is a masterpiece!

I will say one more interesting thing – if you saw Jet Li’s Fearless (that’s a masterpiece also – both cut and uncut versions) then you’ll note that Li’s character in that, is actually the guy who trained his character in Fist of Legend – which means he played both characters!




Monday, July 11, 2011

JCVD 1997 - 1998

Double Team.

Tsui Hark directed this one. Another great Asian director (Woo, Lam and now Hark!)

JCVD teams with Dennis Rodman in this enjoyable film. I mean lets face it, its not the best movie of all time, but it was fun to watch and Mickey Rourke is the bad guy! Way before his comeback with Sin City.

The final match up in the movie is pretty cool and I just had fun. This was the beginning of the end for JCVD movies coming to theatres. And I am not sure why.

I mean I thought this was a cool movie and it seemed to be a full house when I saw it in theatres, but for some reason, maybe the double starring role with Rodman messed this up?

Who knows, but it’s worth a look.




Didn’t get released in theatres here, which sucks because I think this would have put JCVD back on the map. He is not a martial artist in this one, he is a Legionnaire. He starts of as a boxer, but then when he goes against a crime syndicate he has to escape and ends up joining the legion.

There he learns that you have to march or you die. He gains a friend and learns some valuable lessons along the way.

But because there isn’t a fight in the movie, (besides the boxing match – which his short and not JCVD’s style) everything relies on JCVD’s acting, and I thought he was really good!

Maybe the distributors thought no one would care if JCVD wasn’t doing karate in it, but I think they would’ve given this a chance. It’s a solid movie with a good performance from JCVD, so what the heck.

This is a good one!




Tsui Hark directed JCVD in this one right after Double Team. This is the second last of his theatrical releases (until JCVD of course). JCVD has been very luck to work with some of the best Asian directors of all time! I mean this guy is crazy – all 3 of those guys Lam, Hark and Woo have done WICKED films and I think JCVD was the only one to work with all three – although I think Chow Yun Fat also worked with them all, although his Hark film escapes me at the moment.

This movie has a lot of neat stuff and really cool editing and style – something American audiences weren’t used to I guess, so it didn’t perform well, but I think this was one of the better JCVD movies to come out after Hard Target.

This is a must have for me, and all JCVD fans.



Friday, July 8, 2011

JCVD 1995 – 1996

Sudden Death.

JCVD kicks a guy in the face while wearing ice-skates – how cool is that! JCVD also plays goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins!

This is basically Die Hard in a Hockey Arena. It was one of the better Die Hard rip-offs that came out. Plus it had a wicked trailer – one of my favorite trailers for a JCVD movie!

In the trailer they show that the Vice President is being held for ransom along with everyone in the stadium – the patrons don’t know what’s going on, but JCVD does, since his daughter was also taken.

In the trailer the FBI guy (like in Die Hard) talks to JCVD and says “We are going to play this by the numbers”
Then there is an explosion and JCVD says “What number was that?”

HAHAHAH BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, its pretty standard stuff, but JCVD makes it all work.



Maximum Risk.

Ringo Lam another John Woo type HK director, directed this JCVD movie and it’s actually really good. He would team later with JCVD again for IN HELL (which I have yet to see).

This is part two in the “TWO JCVDs MOVIE SERIES” which started with Double Impact, only here, we don’t see JCVD’s twin brother – he is killed off screen before the movie starts.

This film also has Natasha Henstridge of Species fame. The story is really cool and the action is great and Natasha was looking her best in this movie, so this is basically a total win for all!



The Quest.

JCVD directed this epic along with some help from Frank Dux – Frank Dux is the guy that Bloodsport is based on. In Bloodsport JCVD plays Frank Dux.

This movie is pretty cool. See JCVD is a good director when it comes to the fight scenes. I mean they are amazing and all the different style of fighters in the last act really prove that JCVD knows how to get a cast together. No actors, just real fighters doing their own style.

The movie itself is ok, I mean it’s a basic story, but you know, it was a good first movie to direct because it was similar to Bloodsport which was a winner, so there you have it!
And really, this movie is much better than people give it credit for.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Van Damme will fight this Olympic Gold Medal winner in a Muay Thai fight in November.

Check out this video of JCVD announcing the fight.

I was one of those kids he refers too, in fact, I still have the posters!

Check out this article for full details.

GO JCVD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

JCVD 1994

Street Fighter.

Oh boy. This is the black sheep of the family.

This movie as a representation of Street Fighter the video game is horrid.
I played SF1 – but sucked at it. When SF2 came out – I was in heaven. To this day I still play SF – ask my wife, I play that game every day! Of course now they are on Super Street Fighter 4 – but hey, this is the best version of them all!

Before I get carried away on the game, ill just say this – if you totally ignore the fact that the game is nothing like the movie, then you can enjoy this little actioner. I mean JCVD is cool and Bison is really wicked, so its fun.

This is a so bad it’s good – but could at times be Batman & Robin.

1/5 for SF fans.
3/5 for action fans.



One of the top JCVD movies!

JCVD is in the future and we can travel back through time. But only to the past, since the future hasn’t happened yet.

So bad guys are traveling back and stealing gold and money – and the villain is trying to get himself elected as president – I think if you could time travel there would be an easier way to become president, but whatever.

The story is pretty cool here and I liked the action. I mean this is a fun movie. Try not to nitpick the time travel stuff, and you’ll be ok!

PS – this also has one of my favorite tag lines of all time.

They killed his wife ten years ago.
There’s still time to save her.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

The New 52

DC Entertainment is announcing its new 52 books starting in late August early September. 52 of their titles will be re-launched starting as issue 1.

Full list here.

What do I think about all this?

Well I am not sure. The good thing is that a lot of comics are coming back, Swamp Thing (my second favourite DC character – after Superman) and Resurrection Man is also returning (always loved him).

Also, Jonah Hex may be cancelled and replaced with All-Star Western – which could be good or bad, if the book is all Hex, then it’s good, if it’s just random guys – that could be good too, but Hex is my man of the old west, so I would prefer just him. But in all honesty I wouldn’t mind this title being an anthology – it would save me some money in the end.

The bad news is that Action Comics and Detective Comics is also restarting. They were so close to their 1000th issue, that I thought it would’ve been cool to restart after that, but in any case, it is what it is.

Action will be written by Grant Morrison – who wrote All-Star Superman – which I just love! And this restart is actually cool for me because I can jump on board with Action number 1. I have been collecting Superman and Action on and off my whole life and I have been off mostly due to having to collect several books.

If you collect Action, then a lot of the stories continue in Superman etc. So you have to collect multiple comics to keep in touch. Batman is EVEN WORSE! So hopefully this wont be the case here, but I will be getting these issues for sure.

Another bad point is they are changing the costumes. Aquaman and Green Lantern and Flash are going to appear like their Silver Age look – which they didn’t really stray too much from anyway, but Superman and Wonder Woman are getting revamped a bit. Both Superman and Batman will have no underwear over their tights. I actually don’t like that – it looks odd to me, but I can live with it I guess – but I don’t much see the point in changing an icon like Superman at all.

Wonder Woman looks the most different and I don’t get that at all. Her costume was supposed to be an homage to America – where she first served humanity, but alas, they are opting for a more modern (aka crappier) look.

In any case, DC has restarted stuff before, all the post-Crisis stuff, so it’s nothing new, but we’ll see how it goes.

I am definitely pumped for Swamp Thing and Resurrection Man!